Working in partnership to improve lives


Our Vision

Our vision is one of true partnership, enablement and excellence. Through creating strong links with families, health, education and voluntary sector services, Therapy Links UK will work closely with public services to complement and enhance provision. We will bridge gaps, support innovative service re-design, and provide training, mentoring, supervision and support within the therapy community. By working in partnership with families, schools, health services and the community, we will improve lives.

Our Values

For children and young people with complex challenges, ensuring they flourish through functional, meaningful and aspirational support is crucial. Therapy Links UK believes that therapeutic support must be linked to a child or young person's everyday life. Through respectful relationships, open communication and flexible thinking, combined with clinical excellence, we build meaningful skills. From there, exciting possibilities can evolve.


Our Mission

Our mission is to bridge the gap between the NHS and the private sector.  We will do this by identifying sustainable sources of income to enable us to uphold the core NHS values that care should be free at the point of delivery.  At the same time we will offer the flexibility and responsiveness of the private sector. 

Our Team

Therapy Links UK takes immense pride in its partnerships, and this includes the team we work with. To find out more about us, our experience and our professional interests click here.

If you share our values and are interested in joining our growing team, please click here for more information.

"I teach young children with a range of complex learning and medical needs.  I was privileged to work with Frances for many years in her role as a SALT for the children in my class. 

Frances has a wealth of knowledge and experience. She is able to share this extremely effectively with parents and other professionals.  I have attended several training days which Frances has led. These have been inspiring and motivating and have had a positive impact on my own practice.  Frances is committed to striving for the best outcomes for all the children she works with. She is very skilled at observing and assessing children and then offering activities and strategies at just the right level to help them develop their communication skills.  Frances has a wonderful sensitivity when working with children and families. This means that as well as celebrating achievements she is also able to gently work through more sensitive issues.

Frances is an excellent SLT with a genuine love and respect for the work she does and the people she works with."

Karen Fleming, Class Teacher

“Frances is great to work with as a colleague as she has so much experience and expertise. She is extremely supportive to families helping them through difficult conversations by being clear but emphatic. Feeding is such a stressful subject for the families and joining Frances on visits is a pleasure as she always helps ease families’ worries. Frances always links very well with the wider team around the child ensuring everyone is informed of children’s changing feeding needs. Her caring approach and skills will be very much missed by families and the team in Wandsworth.”

Jackie Clements
Team Lead
Wandsworth Portage Service


“I have worked closely with Ms Frances Johnstone over the last 20months or so. We attended Team around the Child (TAC) meetings together, as well as facilitated initial visits to new families together, and I have been very lucky to attend families feeding clinics with Frances. On each of these occasions I have been able to observe the warmth, kindness and empathy Frances showed to families and their children, who have complex health needs.

This, however did not detract from her excellent knowledge and professionalism. At all times Frances could thoroughly examine a child’s level of safe feeding, and still make the potential difficult experience a positive one for both child and parent. 

In her calm and knowledgeable way Frances was always able to give sound advice, discuss what may not be quite so safe, as well as encourage parents’ good techniques to build up confidence in them.

The subject around safe or unsafe swallow, is in my opinion quite traumatic for parents who have children with complex medical needs. Many questions arise for parents, not only about the here and now, but also around future aspirations. Frances’s expertise, combined with her kind, calm and down to earth approach certainly in my observations made this, for a variety of different families, an easier experience.”

Monika Hammel-Lobo
Lead for Family Support for Children with Complex Medical Needs and their Families